La Tana

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La Tana

La Tana, daughter of the flamenco singer Herminia Borja, has always had a great passion for flamenco. At the age of ten she would go down to the plaza and have flamenco parties with her cousins. Her professional singing career began in dancing companies such as Joaquín Cortés and Farruquito. Paco de Lucia signed La Tana after hearing her
sing at a bar in Seville.

On the album “Cositas buenas” (2004) the Sevillian’s voice takes center stage on several tracks, amongst them tangos that are truly memorable. The master from Algeciras embarked her with a troupe that introduced her latest album throughout the world along with other singers such as Duquende and Montse Cortés.

In March 2005, her first solo album titled “Tú ven a mí” went on sale.  The album was produced by Paco de Lucia himself and also included other flamenco greats such as Diego Mora, Carlos Benavent, Alain Pérez and Javier Limon.