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Cordobés continúa su programación, fiel a su línea de fidelidad a los valores del mejor flamenco. "La Aristocracia del Flamenco" es un ciclo que por la calidad y prestigio de intérpretes de dos generaciones, convierten a Cordobés en el heredero indiscutible de los tablaos históricos más importantes en España.
Este escenario ha sido un referente de autenticidad durante más de 40 años en los que hemos demostrado, que lo auténtico, además de divertir cuando es de verdad emociona, y "La Aristocracia del Flamenco" es una gran aventura que vive el espectador al encuentro de un arte que es Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la Humanidad.

Gran Festival Flamenco de Barcelona

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Hora de inicio: 17:30 - 20:15 - 22:00 - 23:30
Duración: 75 minutes

Belén López

Belén López

This August: Luxury Flamenco in the historic stage of Tablao Flamenco Cordobes

This August the concentration of talent offered in the tablao is hard to match. The best artists of the most important festivals in the world as The Bienal of Seville, Jerez Festival or La Suma Flamenca of Madrid, gather in unique performances every night in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes, which will be part of the cycle developed during the months of September and October in Palau de la Música Catalana. Facing the unfair use of the word flamenco that the touristic boom has created and inspired an offer, in which the audacity is just comparable to the ignorance of this culture, Tablao Flamenco Cordobes invites the media to carry their work of critic discrimination out and the followers and lovers of the art, in general, to check the extraordinary emotion capacity of the cultural and popular relic the flamenco is in its more advanced and authentic versions.   Tablao Flamenco Cordobes, committed with its culture and the city of Barcelona, presents:  El Choro, Iván Alcalá, Karime Amaya, Belén López, Sara Barrero and La Tana, accompanied by David e Israel Cerreduela, Tuto, Miguel de la Tolea, Antonio Villar, Coco, Rafael Jiménez, Manuel Tañé and Rafael el Chispa, all of them great soloists.   ARTISTIC TEAM The dancer Belén López, National Flamenco Award “Mario Maya\\\\\\\" 2004 and Best New Artist Award by Corral de la Pacheca 2005, has been one of the main artists during the months of April and May in the stage of Tablao Flamenco Cordobes and also in the Palau de la Música Catalana in the Grand Flamenco Festival of Barcelona. Sara Barrero, Catalan dancer, made her debut at the age of 16 in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes of Barcelona and now works as a teacher in different dance schools. She has performed in many flamenco festivals such as the Young Values Festival in L’Hospiralet in which she won the first award Carmen Amaya or, internationally, in the Mont de Marsans Festival or the Flamenco Festivals in Paris, London, Tokio or USA, among others.  Karime Amaya is the grand-niece of the great and most venerated dancer of all times: Carmen Amaya. She just came back from USA where she performed with famous artists such as Jesús Carmona taking the flamenco to the most emblematic theatres of the United States as the Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln Center and the New York City Center in New York; the Symphony Center in Chicago or the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.  “El Choro Molina” has performed in many flamenco groups and theatres of Andalusia and has worked in the companies of Israel Galván, Eva la Yerbabuena (in the show “Eva”), Mercedes Ruiz and Rafael Campallo, performing in the Flamenco Festival Monterrey in Mexico, the International House of Philadelphia, The Danny Kaye Playhouse in New York, the Miami Festival and many others. Iván Alcalá completes the cast of male dancers. His career has been unstoppable and he has become one of the best flamenco contemporary artists, he has even created his own company.  And a large cast of luxury singers: Antonio Villar, who since 2001 has been combining his work in the companies of Farruquito and Tomatito; La Tana, who started her professional career singing in the companies of Joaquín Cortés or Farruquito and was recruited by Paco de Lucía after he listened to her in a bar in Seville; Manuel Tañé, who was taught sing lessons in Japan, Vancouver, in the Academy of Victor Kolstee and Rosario Ancer,  among other countries; Juan Manzano “El Coco”, who has shared stage with singers such as Duquende, Remedios Amaya, La Susi, Montse Cortés, etc. The cast is completed with the guitarist Tuto, Justo Fernández’s son and Juanele’s nephew. Despite his youth he has worked with artists such as Sara Baras, with singers such as Montse Cortés, Duquende, Ginesa Ortega, etc. With no doubt this guitarist has an unstoppable career. The guitarists David and Israel Cerreduela, son and grand-son, respectively, of El Nani, are famous talented flamenco guitarists. All these and more artists will turn Tablao Cordobes into a place of culture during the Grand Flamenco Festival of Barcelona.

NAME: Ana Belén López Ruiz “Belén López”

PLACE AND DATE OF BIRTH: Tarragona, December 1986

STUDIES: She started her studies in the Dance Conservatory of Madrid at the age of eleven; she finished the career four years later.

CAREER: Belén López’s mother is from Córdoba and her father from Seville, she started dancing when she was very young even if the flamenco tradition was not present in her family. It is hard to summarize the short career of this young flamenco dancer.


At the age of five, during the Saint Jordi’s Day, Belén danced in a tribute to inaugurate a street in Barcelona dedicated to Carmen Amaya. Her performance was represented before Mr Pasqual Maragall, the mayor of Barcelona in that time, along with the famous artists Antonio Ruiz Soler “el bailarín” and Pilar López. It was the first time that Belén danced with live music and she remembers it as a “very important experience” in her career.

At the age of seven she won the television contest “Bravo Bravísimo” and acted along with the worldwide known dancer Ángel Corella in the Madrid Theatre. In December of 1994 she was invited by Corella to perform with him in a benefit show by UNICEF, presented by Concha Galán in the Madrid Theatre.

When she was nine years old she represented Spain in the International Tourism Fair “Inturfest” in San Petersburg (Russia) for the first time. In August of 1996 she performed as a guest artist in a gala dinner in Tenerife organized by Andrés Caparrós. Months later she danced before representatives of the department of Russian tourism in the Tarragona Town Hall.

In February of 1997 she represented again Spain in “Inturfest”, and in several Embassies and Palaces of San Petersburg. In 1999 she moved to Madrid and performed regularly in many tablaos flamencos. At the age of eleven she started the studies in the Dance Conservatory of Madrid and she finished them four years later.

Since 2001 until 2005 and for four seasons she was the first flamenco dancer of the Arena di Verona, the biggest opera outdoor theatre in the world with the plays “Carmen” and “Il Trovatore”, directed by Franco Zefirelli, she also was first dancer in the dance company La Corrala directed by Il Camborio, and toured Italy. In April 2003 she performed in the Russian Embassy of Madrid. For a couple of months she was first dancer in the Corral de la Morería in Madrid, where she presented a show along with Juan Andrés Maya.

In May 2004, at the age of 17, she got the National Flamenco Award “Mario Maya” and in March of 2005 she was awarded with the Best New Artist Award by the Corral de la Pacheca. The 3rd October 2003 she performed as the only dancer in a benefit dinner gala in the Zarzuela Theatre in Madrid before Her Majesty Queen Sofía.

In January 2005 she debuted with her own company in the Metropol Theatre of Tarragona presenting the staging “Atrapados por el arte” (Caught by art).  She performed it again in Madrid Theatre one year later. In February 2006 she performed in the Jerez Festival in the cycle “Los novísimos” and in April of the same year in “La Biennale danza e Italia” of Pessaro (Italy).

In 2008 Belén López directed, wrote and choreographed “Cuando Amanece” in the Nuevo Apolo Theatre in Madrid. The following year she was acclaimed by the critic for the show “A mi manera” in La Latina Theatre.

In 2012, Belén López travelled to Prague, debuting in that city, and also to Brno in the Czech Republic.
In March of 2013, Belén López performed along with Jesús Carmona, Antonio Canales, Sol Picó and Carlos Rodríguez in the tenth edition of the Flamenco Festival of London.

He has also performed in the Español, the Albéniz Theatre and the Fine Arts Circle in Madrid; the Grand Theatre of Cordoba; the Suma Flamenca Festival in the Gasteig Theatre of Munich; in the Caja Madrid Festival; the Flamenco Festival Pa Tós; in the Bienal of Malaga…etc.

AWARDS: National Flamenco Award “Mario Maya” 2004 and the Best New Artist Award 2005 by the Corral de la Pacheca.


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