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Cordobés continúa su programación, fiel a su línea de fidelidad a los valores del mejor flamenco. "La Aristocracia del Flamenco" es un ciclo que por la calidad y prestigio de intérpretes de dos generaciones, convierten a Cordobés en el heredero indiscutible de los tablaos históricos más importantes en España.
Este escenario ha sido un referente de autenticidad durante más de 40 años en los que hemos demostrado, que lo auténtico, además de divertir cuando es de verdad emociona, y "La Aristocracia del Flamenco" es una gran aventura que vive el espectador al encuentro de un arte que es Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la Humanidad.


Del December 22, 2011 al January 08, 2012 9 imagen(es) / 3 vídeo(s)


FROM 22/12/2011 TO 15/04/2012

In January 2010, when we presented the series “The Aristocracy of Flamenco” we didn’t expect the success or the warm reception received from the public.  The tremendous artists that performed in the series, La Cañeta, Carrete, Juana La Revuelo, Farru…

The press came to describe the series as “the paradise of flamenco” (Luis Die, El Periodico de Catalunya).

This year we intend to repeat last year’s success inviting as many charismatic and special artists, famous and well-known, but have rarely been available to the general public on the ultimate stage of flamenco: the tablao.

Lets enjoy it!

Picture: Antonio "El Pipa"

(22/12/11 to 8/01/12)



*          From 22/12/2011 to 08/01/2012: Antonio El Pipa and Co.

*          From 9/01/2012 to 22/01/2012: Duquende. Guest Artist: Carrete and Jesús Carmona.

One of our catalán flamenco star, Duquende, together with the lovely Carrete, and the contrast with another catalán young  great dancer, Jesús Carmona. A interesting dinamic that promises to “break the schedule”.

*           From 23/01/2012 to 07/02/2012: Remedios Amaya and family. The pure “Triana” voice of Remedios, together with the heat of her family.

*           From 08/02/2012 to 22/02/2012: Dinastía Farruco Dinasty. Farru presents El Carpeta.

Antonio “El Farru” presents the young  of the Farruco Dinasty, El Carpeta, which by only 11 years old, target to be the big flamenco artist of the future.

*          From 23/02/2012 to 05/03/2012: The flamenco prodigies: Abraham Motos, Amos Lora and El Carpeta.

Cordobés presents exclusivly a first show that´s been really expected by the flamenco fans  

Amós Lora (guitar),  Abraham Motos (singing) and El Carpeta (dancing).

*          From 06/03/2012 to 15/04/2012:  Only women: La Susi and Pastora Galván.

Tha mitic singer La Susi, the women that many consider the main figure of the actual flamenco and Pastora Galván, prestigious carácter of the Galvan family dinasty.






ART CURRICULUM: Dancer and choreographer, was born in Jerez de la Frontera (Andalucia, Spain) and he had his artistic training amongst his own family environment, being that he was the grandson of the great matriarch of Jerez flamenco, Tia Juana la del Pipa. He has shared stages with personalities such as Jose Carreras and Isabel Pantoja, as well as groups like The Chamber of Orchestra in Seville.  He has visited ¡, practicly all the theaters in the world and the prices are so many that it doesn´t fit in here. In teaching, he has done lots of workshops, masters and speaches in Spain, U.S., Japan…

Flamenco critics consider him “a worthy successor to the veterans Antonio Gades, Mario Maya, and Guito”.

He has produced seven records under  his own company label.  They are “Vivencias” (Experiences), “Generaciones” (Generations), “De Cai el baile” (De Cai the Dance), “Puntales” (Props), “Pasion y Ley” (Passion and Law), “De Tablao” (From the Tablao), and the last production “Puertas Adentro” (Doors Inside). 

The last award Antonio received constitutes what the press has dubbed the “Flamenco Oscars”, having been awarded the National Prize for Flamenco Dance given by the Catedra de Flamencologia de Jerez.

A new version of “The Amor Brujo” (The Bewitching Love) was released recently, for which he was the artistic director and choreographer.  

On behalf of the Director of The National Ballet in Cuba, Ms. Alicia Alonso, Antonio represented the prestigious ballet at the end of last year at the Festival of Ballet in Havana. 

Antonio is considered a faithful and righteous heir of the purest and most authentic gypsy dancing, free of artifice and frills, but respectful of the latest trends in flamenco dancing today.

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