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Cordobés continúa su programación, fiel a su línea de fidelidad a los valores del mejor flamenco. "La Aristocracia del Flamenco" es un ciclo que por la calidad y prestigio de intérpretes de dos generaciones, convierten a Cordobés en el heredero indiscutible de los tablaos históricos más importantes en España.
Este escenario ha sido un referente de autenticidad durante más de 40 años en los que hemos demostrado, que lo auténtico, además de divertir cuando es de verdad emociona, y "La Aristocracia del Flamenco" es una gran aventura que vive el espectador al encuentro de un arte que es Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la Humanidad.

Flamenco Barcelona - Continúa... Sólo Flamenco

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Flamenco Barcelona - Continúa... Sólo Flamenco

CURRENT SHOWSólo Flamenco is the show that opens Cordobes; with the best promising young flamencos artists who are already recognized for the amateur, but whose still has not reached the general public, as Carlos Carbonell, Abel Harana, Hugo López, Claudia Cruz, Irene La Sentío and Gema Moneo. Accompanied by singers as Manuel Tañé and Coco, and guitarists like David and Israel Cerreduela and El Tuto, which, however, already have a reputation as consolidated and contrasted as it deserves, a quality that can equal, but not improved.


CARLOS CARBONELLIn 2004, he presented his first show in Madrid, Trio, with special collaboration from Olga Pericet and Marco Flores.  In 2008 he was principal dancer and choreographer of the production Carmen.  In 2011, he joined the company of Manuela Carrasco representing Suspiros (Sighs) at the Jerez Festival.  He has also been part of the Company of Eva La Yerbabuena.ABEL HARANAHe was Part of the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía directed by Cristina Hoyos for six years. In 2010 the show premiered Memoria Antiqua (Old Memory) in the XIV Jerez Festival with the Jerez dancer Patricia Ibanez.  This year in 2012, he has been working in Dubai and Qatar in a music festival with pianist David Peña Dorantes, and alongside the dancer Juan de Juan.HUGO LÓPEZSince 2000 he has been a member of The Encarnación López and Rafael de Pino Academy of Dance in the production El Desplante. In 2005, he participated in the National Dance Congress in Cordoba. In 2006, he formed part of the CAD (Centro Andaluz de Danza). In 2007 he joined the school of Javier Latorre.CLAUDIA CRUZThe artistic history of this dancer is closely linked to that of her teacher Charo Cruz, and The Tablao Cordobes itself, where she has matured as an artist. Currently and for the last four years she has worked in Antonio’s El Pipa dance company where she has performed in festivals such as the Jerez Festival, The Seville Biennial, and The Flamenco de Marsan Festival.  Recently she has performed in ‘The Aristocracy of Flamenco’ in The Cordobes (2012).  She has also collaborated with Niña Pastori (2012), and she has made guest apperarances on Ayer y Hoy (Yesterday and Today), the show starring Rancapino (2012). IRENE LA SENTÍOShe is currently on tour throughout Spain and abroad in Farruquito’s new show, called Baile Flamenco (Flamenco Dance), which premiered in Madrid in September 2011, garnering critical acclaim from both critics and audiences.  In Sardinia in February 2012, she released her first show, called De mi faldiquera, of which she is artistic director and choreographer.  Recently she has also worked with the company of Antonio Fernández Montoya Farruco, to act in Colombia in Istanbul.GEMA MONEOAt 18 she joined the dance company of Farruquito with the show Sonerias (Windchimes) which premiered at The 2010 Seville Biennial, and the premiere of Farruquito’s new show Flamenco Dance 2011 in Madrid, with which they toured Argentina and Chile in 2012.  She has since danced with Antonio Fernandez Montoya Farruco in Bogota (Colombia) and in Istanbul (Turkey). Currently she is working in different tablaos , performing Farruquto’s latest show Flamenco Dance and as a dancer in the concerts of Diego del Morao. 

The best flamenco show in Barcelona - Tablao Cordobes since 1970

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